Pinchy’s Stories: logbook of a fearless little crab

Pinchy’s Stories: logbook of a fearless little crab

Mommy Chela and Daddy Crosty always tell me never to wander off from our garden. Do your parents tell you the same thing? It seems as if the sea is full of dangerous things and they just want to keep me safe. To all the waves: I’m a little curious crab, I love exploring the sea and the world. But what I love most is playing with my best fins Bubble, Flip and Flò. We’re very close and we’ve known each other since kindergarten “At the bottom of the Sea”.

Think and think again what to do – Mom and Dad had a super idea: they’re sending me to Camping Blu Fantasy for the summer holidays, a welcoming and safe place where there is lots of room for fun, for playing together and there are even two swimming pools! This way they can relax and I can enjoy myself by playing, dancing and discovering new places.

Oh, I nearly forgot: Bubble, Flip and Flò are coming with me, no one can keep us apart.
We want to meet new children and spend time with them. If you’re reading the first chapter of my logbook, maybe with Mommy or Daddy, tell them that the four of us are waiting for you. We’d love to write the sequel of this story with you!


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