The family is at the core of our attention

Mom and Dad, not only do we care deeply that you have a perfect holiday, but our priority is the safety of your children.
All we ask is that you have faith in us, and stop for a minute to read our words: imagine that you are already here with us, speaking frankly.
Camping Blu Fantasy has been designed and projected to be a family campsite where everything is kept under control. Our priority is to make you feel at ease knowing that your children are safe and secure. But we also want to give you lots of hours of fun with activities dedicated to entertainment for our little guests aged 4-12 years old.

Guaranteed Entertainment

Camping is fun for all ages

So let’s go


Safe and secure areas, guaranteed fun

If the kids can play in safety, then Mom and Dad can enjoy their holidays

Relax by us

The adventures of Pinchy and his friends

This is our logbook: the excursions of four friends between the sea and camping

Read the logbook


Amenities for families

Entertainment for children 4-12 yrs
Complimentary welcoming gift
Swimming pool for adults
Swimming pool for children
The children’s swimming pool is 35cm deep and constantly monitored by a lifeguard
Lifeguards in pool area
Play area in the pool
300sq.m. of playground
Creative labs
Child seats
Cots available
Paid service
Bike hire
Children, adults, adults with child seat
Paid service


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