A sea within everyone’s reach

A sea within everyone’s reach “Mare profumo di mare ♫♫♫”…Yip, it’s time to sing. Picture this: you’re at the window and you can feel the sea breeze, just 40m and your feet are soaking up in the water. Here you will find a safe sea, a real paradise for your children!

Just think, you can either continue with the spirit of camping and hang out on the free beach, or you can opt for the comfort of “Bagni Trillo 148”, the private beach we collaborate with, by booking your umbrella. It’s only 600 mt from the campsite so you needn’t move your car! You can reach the beach on foot or by bike.

Price list

For those of you who want their own independence on holiday and have chosen the Rotonda Apartments offsite, in the most elite area of Senigallia, we have a surprise in stall for you which we hope will put a smile on your face: book directly your beach spot at “Bagni Nella 57 ″, our partner beach just 50 meters from the apartments.

For info and reservations, please call Daniele Corinaldesi:




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