We guarantee safety and security

Here we go again. Every year it’s the same story. You leave with your family for the holidays and you just can’t relax. “Where are the kids? What are they doing?”, it seems as if we can hear your doubts and fears every time you’re lying on a deck chair, or sitting a table or paging through the chapter of a book you can’t seem to finish.

We don’t blame you, actually we understand and that’s why our campsite is structured in such a way so as to guarantee you the safety and security of your children. The spaces are contained and well managed where you can easily keep an eye on everything thanks to our help. There’s a lifeguard constantly monitoring the pool: this way the little ones can swim safely in their swimming pool and you can find out whodunit in that crime novel you keep putting down (trust me, it isn’t always the butler!) without losing track of where you are.



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